caravane des dix mots collée

cheval de troie(特洛伊木馬),mobile(移動),"zapper", baladeur (即英語的 "Walkman"), 等等。。。如你不知後者是甚麼,也許應給人"zappe"一下的懲罰!哈哈。

Some school children in Hong Kong created artwork based on the caravane des dix mots of the Francophonie festival 2010.

In Quebecois French, baladeur and radiodiffusion merge into baladodiffusion, which means podcasting. Ain't that a very cool jargon? Baladodiffusion should have been on the list rather than baladeur.

L'anglicisme ou plutôt bilinguisme dans un collage! Ne criez pas, s'il vous plaît. All I could tell you in franglais is that the trojan (troie) has to be zapped!

Hopefully, getting to web2.0, 3.0 etc. won't escagasser you in the future.

Les élèves à St. Margaret's ont assemblé ces collages ici. Bravo!

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