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婆婆 Grand-mère


慈祥、和藹可親、從不發脾氣。。。。。。一連串正面的形容詞絡繹不絕浮現腦海中。婆婆在我兒時記憶中大部分時間住在山谷道邨,那是跟從前牛頭角同年代、但結構像後石硤尾邨年代的“H”型樓。(H中間的“一橫”是住戶公用廁所)。農曆年初一多半是她的兒孫:舅父、亞姨、姨媽家和我們家等等聚在一起回巢的日子。八十年代那居高臨下、無敵海景的維港煙花,那龐大而緩緩升降的電梯、地下的小商店、愛民邨的大排檔和用表哥那綠色monitor第一代的IBM clone PC“打遊戲機”等等不少的美好回憶,也跟婆婆和姨媽家十年前的搬遷和山谷道邨拆卸而成為歷史。姨媽早幾個月前登極樂,政府2010年六月把山谷道邨地盤變豪宅地賣掉,婆婆於數日後仙遊;緩慢的歷史巨輪彷彿突然加速,啊我童年的獅子山下印象,只能零碎地在心中尋找。

So officially both of my parents are orphans now after the passing of my maternal grandmother. Yes, it is weird to commence this posting in such a way, but that's one of the first mental reflections to the news.

To be fair, she and my step paternal grandmother were the only two granparents whom I was fortunately enough to spend time with. My paternal grandmother was killed during the bombing of Hong Kong in Second World War. My granfathers both passed away before I was born. I think both my grandmothers had difficult young adult life, though their lives were improved even before I was born.

Valley Road Estate was the anchor point for much of my childhood memories of maternal grandma. Ironically, that plot of land of the former housing estate was sold at an astronomical price to a real estate developer for construction of an expensive residential complex, just a few days before my grandma's passing. Nostalgia, of course of the extended family gatherings at grandmas, with uncles and aunts teasing me never want to leave my parents and to stay at my grandma's even for a night, versus my subsequent departure from Hong Kong and my parents for almost 2 decades. Also, were the spectacular images, as well as thundering explosions of Chinese new year fireworks at the end of the corridor, FREE OF CHARGE and OBSTRUCTION FREE, on the very top 11th floor of the humble Low Cost Housing Estate building. Time is unforgiving, burying grandma and these good memories as she was three year short of being a centenarian.


騎樓 & urban renewal


"kei lau" are low-rises popular but not limited in Guangdong provinces where the covered walkway underneath shield passers-by from rain and sun while providing a customer-friendly store front on the ground floor. These buildings are rapidly disappearing due to gentrification and (over)developing, be it Canton(Guangzhou) or Hong Kong.

If It Works, Don't Fix It! Actually, if you are the Urban Renewl Authority (of Hong Kong), you should! However, the "fix" should ONLY be helping the existing landlords and tenents, rather than stealing from them and feeding the levelled plots of land to real estate developers. Haven't you heard of Décroissance from the radical Frenchies? Une terre si densément peuplée comme Hong Kong n'a pas besoin de développement. Comment renouveler ou régénérer les structures en voie de veillissement devrait être la priorité. Les gratte-ciel monstrueux qui coupent la circulation de l'air et les réseaux communautaires, NON, ne pas les rajouter SVP.


您來自哪里? D'où venez-vous? Where are you from?

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