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Quelles sont les deux bâtisses ici? Elles ne tiennent aucune relation...
Can you name these two unrelated buildings?Shanghai Theatre
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Peak Tower, Hong Kong

aw 2009!

又新一年咯! My new year was spent in Shanghai, a delayed and extended stay actually. I was planning to be there for Christmas, not for New Year, but end up staying way into 2009, til almost Jan 10th, before heading South back to Hong Kong. 2008 was a mixed year in terms of mischances and fortunes. I would not ask for a better year since life is a roller-coaster ride, hopefully we get out in one piece at the end!


L'autre nouvel an, le temps passe vraiment vite, comme on est dans la dixième année qui commencent avec 20--. 2008 n'était pas parfait je ne souhaite pas un meilleur que avant, comme la vie est des montagnes russes. Bon voyage à tous.


上海Shanghai 2009

呀!我終於回到上海了,上一次來的時候應該是2002年的秋天,那時是跟旅行團的。這回就完全不同了,是自己來的。很幸運地,我又一次從沙發遊的網站找到能接待我的主人家,所以有不用住酒店或青年旅舍咯!你叫我怎能不愛Couchsurfing呢。我的host是剛剛來上海的英國人,雖然他來了時間不長,但他依然能教我一點新東西-坐五毛錢的渡輪過黃浦江!我看這是旅遊團也不能提供的罷!New year's eve was spent walking in the city of Shanghai, from JiangSu Road (江蘇路) all the way to People's Square(人民廣場)to Nanjing Road pedestrian district all the way to the Bund. AND, get this - my host Ben from CS took me on a .5rmb ferry trip to the very heart of PuDong (well almost as close to Jinmao(金茂) and the newest highrise...something he should be very proud of since he is new to Shanghai. In the evening we headed to "The Hut" bar briefly before taxi-ing to Ben's friend for a house party - hostess Eileen made superb spaghetti. I ate more than a few bites even though I had a full meal prior. Although there were only six of us at this house party, it was an eccentric start to 2009, something I did not imagine even just two weeks ago. Yes, I am a spontaneous person who takes in future as it comes, without excessive, anal-retentive planning ahead!

您來自哪里? D'où venez-vous? Where are you from?

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