PETAbyte era

While I was researching online for Bioinformatics stuff, I came across the Sept 2008 issue of Nature with a catchy title - Science in the petabyte era. I remember writing some essays, when I was a kid in secondary school, for several U.S. college entrance applications, in which I used, dunno if I coined LOL, the term "knowledge explosion". I guess the trend has continued. Nature remained us Google celebrated its ten anniversary this year. Biology, biological sciences, etc. - similar entities to the layperson unless you work in the specific fields - have been evolving from purely descriptive science to more and more quantitative disciplines such as bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, etc. Biological processes, molecular compounds can now be more mathematically described or tracked. Back when I was an undergrad, circa early 1990s, many of the fields did not take any shape yet. Certainly a lot has changed over twenty years. At one point, I wanted to pursue a Master degree in Bioinformatics. Now, however, it will be extremely fascinating to stay on as an informed amateur, to witness the changes these computational, as well as the traditional biochemical tools coming to play and create knowledge and discoveries.

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