60e anniversaire de la...

déclaration des droits de l'homme.
(60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

I had the opportunity to watch three documentaries:
La Liste de Carla - on the former prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Un abolitionniste - The French Justices Minister Robert Badinter, when death penalty was abolished in that country.

Un coupable idéal - a murder case concerning a white victim and a 15-year old black youth wrongfully accused.

I named the films in increasing level of personal interest. Three documentaries and three entirely different topics at individual, regional, national and international level. We are still living in an imperfect world. At times, even international efforts, or the lack of, as in the case of the ICTY, cannot bring justice to past wrongs. As with many other social justice issues, such as environment, it takes organisation, mobilisation and education at local level to achieve a fairer society for all.

Check out the office of the Higher Commissioner of Human Rights, if that interests you.

On second thought, I think globalisation and borderless markets and business opportunities bring out challenges that aren't discussed when we talk about human rights. What about the children working in the developing world to churn out your Christmas toys and gifts that you give to your kids and friends? Or did you ever wonder why stuff are so cheap at the dollar store? There is the market in demand, even with the current financial crisis, and the supply of labour. The topic does go beyond death panalty, torture, etc. the obvious to more subtle areas.

China, a hot zone whenever people talk about human rights, will face its own challenges, as mentioned in the Chinese edition of the Wall Street Journal.

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