Ciclo Colombiano

So I was supposed to watch another film in the European Film Fest. However there were so many people that by the time I arrived all the free passes were gone. I put my name down on the waiting list but went immediately instead to the 3rd Colombian Film Season (dunno really how to translate into English, well you can see the logo attached).

It was a film, quite harliriously titled La ministra inmoral (Immoral Minister). Its elements were quite sterotypically South American - sexy women, casanova type men, sex, violence, etc. I thought I was watching soap on Telemundo back in New York City hahaha. The representative (probably from the Colombian Embassy) was very courteous and spoke Mandarin. What foreigners who worked long enough in Beijing would NOT speak Mandarin anyways? They don't want to be uncool hahaha. With the screenings, it is a good way for Beijingers to get a glims of the country literally half a world away, though the imageries and perceptions might be distorted a little.

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