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Apart from my earlier entry on Las Hurdes. I watched a few Buñuel flicks lately. One of them was Un Chien Andalou, which after the second or third viewing, I still cannot make out of every message the film meant to convey. Do I really have to "understand" what the film director intended for us to see, given the name Luis Buñuel equates surrealism? I have heard more than once that movies, when compared to books, make people dumber because the former is "fed" to the audience, whilst reading a book allows room for individual interpretations. Well, An Andalusian Dog really leaves us lots of room to dream on. It is entertaining to say the least!

In addition, I watched Viridiana, a film now I know why the Catholic church wanted it banned when it was released in France and Spain (don't know if it ever got to the Spanish market right the way, for from what I read it was banned in Spain for more than a few years). Par contre, l'autre film de Bunuel qui s'appelle Tristan était plus calme et moins controversé, même si par le standard à l'heure actuelle en Chine (comme j'ai vu tous ces flims à Pékin), les thèmes étaient 'croustillants'. Avant tous, plus que je vois des oeuvres de Bunuel, plus que je considère Bunuel un réalisateur genil et incroyable.

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