Michael Jackson...yikes

So he is dead and everybody is talking about him. I THOUGHT I shouldn't be so critical, or should I? I do have a few not so nice anedotes, if you allow me to be the gossiping like Michael Musto or Cindy Adams, indirectly through comments I collected on the web:

Angela: The reports about Michael Jackson having a cardiac arrest are incorrect. He actually went to visit the children hospital and had a stroke

Brett: Do you mean that happens when he 'beat it'??

Cailin: well, looke like he 'beat it' for good now.
Duncan: Farrah Fawcett died and went to heaven. God told her he would grant her one wish. She wished for all the children in the world to be safe. Lo and behold later that day, MJ died.
Emily: I read somewhere that they're using his remains to make a giant slide so kids can go down on him for a change!
Frank: breaking news: Michael Jackson died of food poisoning. CNN just reported he ate some 12 year old nuts.
Gloria: Can everyone stop making jokes about Michael Jackson please. He could not be buried. You know he had a lot of plastic in him, he had to be recycled.

The media, by contrast with the comments above, have been quite nice to Jackson. Nevertheless, he still share something in common with J. Edgar Hoover or Allen Ginsburg! yikes... and I am not talking about investigating others nor love for poetry.

If you think otherwise, perhaps Elizabeth Taylor (anyone recalls Rock Hudson?) and Brooke Shields (his platonic love?) would probably ring some bells.

Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been visible and supportive. Given the "transformation" of Michael Jackson from the era of Billie Jean onwards and the at times unsympathetic media coverage of "Jacko", the black community has been more than gracious.

Enough of negative karma, Black and White, and Bad, are two of his songs that I like.

Subversity, a public affairs radio programme's podcast on Michael Jackson (second half of the show).

Oh the dancing scene in Bad, doesn't that look that the good old NYC subway EFGR lines in Queens, or am I mistaken ;-)?

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