junk science

Steorn is an Irish company which claimed they have the technology to "produce free, clean and constant energy". This is like reading out of an Isaac Asimov novel and finally debunked by an independent jury of scientists. Frankly, Asimov novels are probably more realistic than the Steorn claim haha.

This sage reminds me of the 1989 Cold fusion fiasco. I remember even Scientific American reported on it back then, on top of the mainstream media. The circumstances though, were quite different. As noted on wikipedia, the two scientists were probably under pressure from University of Utah to publish the findinds first, given the competitive nature of scientific research. The Steorn case is probably a marketing ploy that did not materialise. In any case, they show that science education is important. If the layperson has not the simple understanding of basic science, our society will constantly be bombarded by these kind of nonsense and everyone will suffer ultimately. You don't believe me, many people cannot retrieve relevant information from the nutritional values data printed in most of the packaged food these days - talk about obesity, heart diseases, etc. Do you think people can calculate the recommended percentage daily intake? Fake science can do as much, if not more, damage than cults LOL.

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