El Séptimo Cielo

As I dashed back in Beijing, and ran errands, I did not expect another round, the quatro edicion of ciclo de cine colombiano
was in full force. I managed to catch just the last of the four screenings. While searching for the description of El Séptimo Cielo, I am amazed it is by the same director of Buscando a Miguel, a film screened last year which I like very much. El Séptimo Cielo is the first feature of Juan Fischer, set in very metropolitan, immigrant city of the world, New York. Obviously not as refined as Buscando a Miguel, Séptimo is nevertheless a solid piece of directorial debut.

Perhaps I need to see more Colombian films make this preferrential judgment. However, once again, the director had the honesty to explore the intersection of race, class and immigrants in the adoptive city/country. The obvious use of English in conversations, at times awkward, lead audience to ponder the power dynamics of one's cultural heritage and integration.

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