Wie geht es Ihnen? Sasha Cohen's German in Brüno reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis's Swedish or German school girl impersonation on a train in Trading Places. The former pushed a few limits, tackling the gay subject in a very in-your-face manner. The über flamboyant Brüno might have perpetuated the pre-existing stereotypes of gay men in different societies. It's worth more than a few laughs. Actually, you might be cracking up rauciously from start to finish.

Some of the simulated sex acts shown might be over the top, but in no way were they homophobic. Well, for some of the people pranked, their feelings could be different. Just how comfortable are we under our own skin? What if you are challenged by the differences from socially or culturally divergent groups, would you be able to remain cool?

photo credit: Ballistik Coffee Boy of flickr creative commons

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