Lascia perdere, Johnny!

Lascia perdere, Johnny!  or Don't Waste Your Time, Johnny! is an Italian film I viewed recently. The story follows a youngster, Faustino, who would be drafted to serve in the military if he cannot find a recognisable full-time job. Set in the 1970s, it brought back memories (or lack of since I was not even an adolescent then hahaha) of men wearing long hair and the more bohemian clothings. There were people who couldn't make a living otherwise, or a maestro who laboured for many years while still struggling financially. The protagonist does have some talent and caught the attention of Augusto Riverberi, a well known entertainer hoping for a comeback. Just when Faustino thought he might finally get a contract, he was alone, in Milano... well for the ending you can check the film out yourself ;-).

By the way, Italian does sound sing-songy, but I will focus on my French, and to a lesser extent Spanish, for now.

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