city nomads 城市遊民

someone pointed to me this type of "instant housing" has everything tucked inside a cart. Amazing right? I suspect the designer got his ideas from homeless people. His line of products, as shown on the site winfried-baumann.de could be quite pricey. Imagine everyone on earth's possessions are reduced a few of these? Our ecological footprints would be drastically reduced and the word "sustainable" would sound more realistic.... too early to daydream, for I don't think I could rid myself of my hoarding behaviour haha. By the way, do you think this is a case of art preying on a disadvantaged population?

我於網上看見關於城市遊民的討論,聯想這設計師的靈感是從無家可歸者身上得來的。如果我們每人的身外物只是想這樣的幾輛車的話,我們的生態足印必定很小,而且地球的生態系統也變得名副其實的“可持續”了。 呵呵,夢大慨做得太早,不如看看設計者Winfried Baumann 的網站吧!

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