A film watched as part of the Hispanic month organised at Hong Kong university. The oldest university in Hong Kong seems to develop its School of Modern Languages and Cultures slowly, thought the latter is still in a relatively primitive stage. As a former British Crown colony, English takes on the role, in a the paradoxical way, as one of the official languages as well as the defacto foreign language well. Nevertheless, screening like this does open the door for its students studying languages and foreign cultures. However it will take more than a few of these cultural activities for its students to get a better grasp of their target areas of studies.
Now going back to the film Cocalero, it follows the election campaign of Evo Morales, an indigenous candidate running against the big guy and the big corporations for the presidency of Bolivia. Whether it was rally at major metropolitan cities, or reaching out indigenous and working class populations to get out the vote and literally EDUCATING them how to vote, so as to avoid invalid ballots. It was exciting and nerve-racking. As of March 2009, I was told all but two countries in South America (Peru and Colombia if I am not mistaken) have left-leaning governments. Bravo to them!

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