faking it big time, national problem?

I was reading this article in Chinese, and was really upset regarding the cheating of these supposedly university students. Criticising the mainland is something I try to refrain from, or even persuade the people around me to do the same, since it is still a developing country and we shouldn't be too harsh on it. However, there are at times the integrity of society-at-large would be affected, or has been for years. I was listening to RFI's mandarin newscast the other night with the staggering figure of 800 billion RMB being the amount "stolen" by the over 20000 government officials and smuggled overseas. I do believe the central government has to come up with something to stop these kind of "bleeding" for the 800 billion could feed a few people already!

On an unrelated new story, as I was sohuing (i.e. using sohu.com), I came across this advertisement (screen shot attached)
. Look carefully at the lower left hand corner, the bold headed figure should ring some bells to whomever watches American TV. It is Dr. Phil the TV talk show host. And you know what the caption reads on the website of this English course advertised? He "became" a Briton working for the Department of Education as a "secretary of languages", yea that's the awkard translation of his fake title in Chinese. How many potential students of that website are gullible, I wonder?

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